Great Ways to Give Back to the Local Community

This holiday season, find out how you can help your local community by volunteering, donating, or giving back to those who are less fortunate and in need!

As a dentist, seeing a smile on someone’s face is one of the most rewarding parts of my job! Even if it doesn’t involve traditional dental work, helping children and adults maintain happy, healthy smiles is part of our business at Tory Hill Dental. As such, we sometimes find other ways to help out. After all…the holiday season is a time of giving―to friends, to family, and to those less fortunate than we are.

Giving back to the community can be beneficial to not only those you are helping, but also to yourself. You will feel more fulfilled in your everyday life and will feel proud knowing that you are helping others in our hometown. The Tory Hill Dental team participates each year in various charity functions―even creating and hosting special events to give back and to help spread awareness within the community. For example, in October we initiated a fun campaign aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness by inviting our patients and our visitors to wear pink throughout the month!

Charitable Organizations and Ways to Give Back

You don’t need to be a part of a big company or even have a specific reason for giving back! While the holidays do stir-up a sense of togetherness in our communities, it is also important to remember that donating to charitable organizations―be it with money or by volunteering your time―should be a year-round occurrence.

In our small town of Buxton, being members of a tight-knit community is a significant part of who we are, and together, we can help build each other up! Dr. Doyon offers his expertise in dental work to help ensure that those who are less fortunate in our community have healthy gums, jaws, and teeth. He also donates to various charities whenever possible and participates in local charity drives like the Buxton Thanksgiving Food Drive. Dr. Doyon’s involvement with these groups not only helps patients see his commitment and dedication to his community, but also provides a forum for providing resources, where needed, and for spreading information about how you can donate.

Here are some other ways you can help Buxton (or your own local community) give back to those who could always use a little bit of help.

Susan G. Komen®

As one of the biggest advocates for breast cancer awareness, the Susan G. Komen® organization arranges dozens of charitable events and fundraisers each year for those suffering from this disease. Show your support of those who are fighting the battle against breast cancer by wearing pink throughout the month of October, by looking into events near you, or by donating to their cause at any time.

Global Dental Relief

Do you want to help needy children around the world have better access to dental healthcare? The Global Dental Relief fund helps to provide dentists and dental equipment to areas like Nepal, India, Guatemala, Kenya, and Cambodia. Teams of volunteer dental health professionals, including surgeons, hygienists, and more, head to different countries to help deliver preventative care and comprehensive treatment to poorly-funded dental clinics and their patients. Donate your money, your time, or your resources to help dozens of young schoolchildren receive the dental care they so desperately need!

Feeding America®

Ensuring that communities have access to healthy foods is a great way to give back! Tory Hill Dental participates in the Buxton Thanksgiving Food Drive, but you can also look for similar events in your own area through Feeding The Good Shepherd Food Bank in Auburn, Maine, for example, helps provide over 23 million meals to hungry families each year. Learn how you can donate your time or your resources to help them continue their great work.

Give Kids a Smile®

The American Dental Association manages a charitable organization that provides children with cosmetic and restorative dental health services that they would not otherwise have access to in their communities. In 2019, Give Kids a Smile® is already set-up to help over 350,000 children who may be struggling with gingivitis, cavities, or similar dental ailments. Donate today, or let your local dental office know how they can help!

America’s Dentists Care Foundation

The ADCF works tirelessly to bring dental healthcare to those who need it but who have trouble accessing it. The ADCF believes that everyone deserves quality dental services, and they deliver equipment and tools to clinics and to dental offices all over the country that provide such services to those in need. Since their inception in 2003, the ADCF has provided over $175 million in free dental health treatments and materials. However, you don’t have to be a dental health professional to help. They accept help in many areas—from security to valet!

Other Ways You Can Make an Impact

Every little bit you put into helping others counts. Whether you volunteer at the local shelter or donate some of that Christmas bonus to children in need, a little bit can go a long way! The Biddeford Free Clinic, for example, is always accepting donations and dental volunteers who can help lower-income families who need dental care. Remember, everyone deserves a healthy, happy smile, and we believe that everyone can play a part in making that happen!

If you are interested in giving back to your community, ask your local dentist if they recommend any foundations or organizations that welcome either volunteers or donations. With the recent natural disasters happening all over the world, many countries need supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other general health products. At Tory Hill Dental, we are always looking for new ways to reach out to those in need.

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